Recommended City Rides

Perth is the perfect city to get out on your bike, or on a hire bike from us. Perth has fantastic cycleways throughout the city and surrounding areas which make it easy and fun to explore our great city.

Bike Hire Perth

1. Perth Bridges Ride
Duration: 1 Hour, 10km
Enjoy the fantastic Swan river views and scenery Perth has to offer. Take in the sights of the Perth skyline and the attractions such as the Perth Bell Tower.

2. Perth, East Perth and The Burswood Ride
Duration: 1.5 hours, 16km?If you have a bit more energy then you can extend your Perth brigs ride and take in the sights of Burswood and East Perth. The Burswood Resort casino and the East Perth Cove waterfront are just some of the attractions you can enjoy. Stop off for a coffee or just chill out and enjoy the fantastic river views.

3. Swan River to Fremantle
Duration: 2.5 hours, 25km (one way)
If you have the time and energy then this is a fantastic ride taking in the fantastic river views all the way from Perth to Fremantle. You have the option of taking the train back to the city for the return journey.

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